War and blood are the first words that come to my mind when I think about Drifters. An anime that is all about the art of war.

Something that I noticed early on Drifters is the art that is very similar to Hellsing Ultimate, one of my favorites animes. So I did some research and found out that it was made by the same author Hirano Kouta

This explains why it is so similar, not only in the art style but also in the humor, the amount of action and blood. If you watched Hellsing Ultimate you should know what I am talking about.

Having such a great author it is not surprise that I liked it so much. Now, lets talk about it.

Drifters is an anime about a group of historical figures from different time periods. They (apparently in the verge of death) were transported to a different world, a fantastic world with elves, gnomes, etc. like in The Lord of the Rings, and are supposed to help the beings in there to defend against a group of bad guys that want to dominate world, they are called The Ends.

But there is a problem, they have super powers, they can do things like throw fire from their hands or freeze everything around them, etc. Also they have the help of pig people, dragons and others.

It is not very promising for them. Well, this is what this series is about. They have to fight against the odds, using their unique abilities that made them famous. Like combat skills, great intellect, manipulation, etc.

This can lead to a great story, too bad there are only 12 episodes so this season let us with wanting more.

The main characters are great, each one have their own personalities and reasons for doing things.

The art is very well done, with its unique style, it’s very colorful and there is not censorship.

The music of the opening is good for my personal tastes. Normally I skip the opening, but this was catchy.

In general this was a great season for this anime. It started with the right foot, I hope it will have a second season. There are a lot of things that can be done and stories that can tell us about the protagonists.

If you like action and don’t have problem with large amouts of blood showing in the screen Drifters is a great anime to watch. It will make you stay on your site, watching more and more.