In the first episode everybody seems very happy about Kitauji High School winning first place in the Kyoto Concert Band Competition, hurray!

Now follows the Kansai Competition, and Team Monaka wanted to cheer everyone with their performance and it worked. Everybody got happy and want to practice a lot.

It seems Yoroizuka is always early to practice but she doesn’t looks very happy doing it.

Nozomi, an old member wants to rejoin but she is rejected, no matter how much she tries.

Now they have a new instructor, a professional percussionist graduated from the school. Hashimoto. He went to college with “Taki-kun”.

It appears that Nozomi playing music with her flute makes Yoroizuka feel sick, she is found in the floor almost throwing up, weird because Nozomi says she love playing it. No reason to throw up.

Wow, there is a firework scene and it looks so great.