This episode is the Bon Break and girls are going to the pool, yei!

Reina wants to go before she can’t use her swimsuit anymore, she says it’s getting tight and get blushed when Kumiko gets that she is “growing”. Reina looks really cute when she is embarrassed.

Now in the pool we know more about Nozomi background, how Azuka tried to stop her. The reason why she quit was because of a fight with the third years when she was in first year.

The Bon Break is finished and the three day break began. We get to know Satomi Niiyama, she will teach the woodwinds. She looks like a mature beatiful woman.

She seems to get along with Taki and girls start to think there is somethig between them, so Reina gets a little “deppresed”.

Kumiku talks with Yoroizuka, and we know that the reason why Yoroizuka continues in the band despite of hating competitions is beacause the promise she made with Nozomi.

At the end Kumiko appears to have intention of have a serious talk with Azuka. Probably about why she doesn’t want Nozomi back or maybe about taking her in.