Everybody is practicing and gets very exhausted, except for Asuka which has so much energy that likes to practice even in the rest time. Keeping it up even after playing for 120 minutes is very impressive!

Hashimoto is starting to notice the lack of personality in Yoroizuka’s playing style. I think this will get her into an interesting development later because she has to play a solo.

After Kumiko’s and Asuka’s talk we get to know that Asuka is rejecting Nozomi to join the band because Yoroizuka has a trauma with her. Well, we noticed that in the first chapter. So that’s the reason. Now Asuka doesn’t seem so bad. She is protecting them both. I will like to know more about that trauma of hers, it could be interesting.

Reina is still thinking about Taki… I really don’t believe it will get to something more than a teacher-student relationship. This may cause problems later. Oh! He was married. This was unexpected.

Niiyama is married, so I hope now Reina will stop worring.

Kumiko is awful hiding, she got caught twice while eavesdropping, heheh.

Do every girl in this anime has to be so cute?