So the order of the schools in the Kansai Competition is decided and everyone is worried about playing next to a great school. I don’t think it matters, because if the want to win they will have to make a better performance than every other school in the competition.

Like I thought, now Niiyama is telling to Yoroizuka that she should have more fun playing, what makes it more obvious that she will have some kind of growth in her playing style, I expect for the better.

Oooh, now thanks to Nozomi we know that Yoroizuka was a very passionated and fun player, “An  explosion of emotions”is how Nozomi describes her. Sooo maybe… we’ll get to see her making a great performance with her solo, if things goes right. I really would like them to fix things up.

Wow, juts looking at her made Yoroizuka go crazy, I think it is a little exaggerated for her to throw her chair and go away running.

So the reason for Yoroizuka being like that is because she has fear to know that she is not a very good friend of Nozomi, because she left without telling her anything. Ok, I don’t know what to say about that, just that I think it feels too little for a trauma.

Hahah, now Yuko

This was very emotive, it seems that Yoroizuka never thought Yuko considered her as a friend. Silly of her. Well I suppose that when you feel bad you just ignore the good things you have. That’s what I think that happened to her.

Now kwoing she has Yuko as friend she has the courage to talk to Nozomi, so they talk and everything is fixed. It was all a big mistake… It was pretty obvious, but the scene was still great.

This made my day, this anime is all about cuteness and passion. Ah, and problems.


By the way, there was a fight between Kumiko’s sister and her family, what was that about? Maybe we’ll know in the next chapters.