The first thing I notice is that the first half of the opening is not black and white anymore. I looks better now, more colors and it gets nicer to the eye.

Everyone is happy now that they won in the competition.

Aww, Yoroisuka looks so great with her maid dress. Now that she has Nozomi’s friendship back she looks more lively.

Reina and Kumiko watch how Taki is surrounded by girls and Reina gets jealous and goes to the attack! No one can stop her.

Wow! Something unexpected while Kumiko is searching for Reina.


We get to see a little more about Kumiko’s sister story, now she says she want to drop college, why? She gives no reasons, she is just making everyone uncomfortable.

Kumiko get out of the house, with typhoon ¿? but thanks to that she meets with Taki buying flowers, I would bet it was for her death wife.

We get to know a little more about Taki’s wife. She was in Kitauji school and went to the nationals. He says something about her being sick. So obviously she didn’t die because of an accident but because her illness.

Oooh, so that is the reason why Taki is teaching in Kitauji, he wants its band to win gold in the nationals. Those flower have the meaning of “I’ll always think about you”. Well she was her wife, but I just hope will find someone else to be happy.

At the end we see a woman knoking the door of the room where Asuka is. Maybe she is a relative of her. And I remember that just for a moment in this chapter she seemed of when talking. Maybe something bad is about to happen.