Passionate and beautiful is the best way to describe the second season of Hibike! Euphonium. This season is filled with lots of challenges and problems to solve.

Story – 9

The story in this season is about everybody trying their best to make it on the contest but also we get to know the background of some characters in the band. Lots of training and character development are done in this season.

For thirteen chapters the story progression did great. We got closer to the characters, there is progression overall without taking apart funny and intense moments to keep every chapter very interesting.

In general this season was very good balanced, from the beginning to the end, good thing to keep in mind next time we watch a Kyoto Animation’s anime who did a great job.

Opening – 8

This well done opening that gives you good representation of what Hibike! Euphonium is all about. It has every day moments when everybody is having fun, training, spending time with their families and contesting, also it has lively music to accompany it.

I liked how every change of scene a character seems to make an action as if they noticed that is its moment to act.

Watching this opening you can get that it is all about happy memories, character development, lots of training and intense moments.

It’s not the most spectacular of all openings but it does its work well done.

Animation and Art – 10

This is where this anime shine the most. Every time I was watching it I couldn’t  help but feel amazed of the artwork and the great animation.

Every character look well done, the girls look so cute with that fluffy style, the landscapes look majestic, and every object looks incredible great.

You can notice how great it is when you see a firework scene or the water flowing. It obviously is a work made by experts.

Sound – 8

In this regard the work is well done, it is not exceptional but its well done. The quality is very good. It has its great moments when it’s time for a competition or someone is doing a great performance.

Characters – 9

Like I said before, there was a lot of character development this season. In this season we got to deal with a lot of the background story of some characters. We got to know their motives for being in the band a what is what they want.

We got the previous characters of the of the first season and also know more of some of the characters that didn’t get much focus before.

One tiny thing to notice is that sometimes, even though is an anime and they are not supposed to be very realistic for sake of thing to happen, their motives don’t seem too strong to make the characters act like they do. But hey, I repeat, if they don’t exaggerate a little and are very realistic nothing will happen.

Overall – 9

In general this season was great, I liked it more than the first one. It had very emotive moments and it kept me in my seat every time. I give this anime a 9 of 10 for making it so great.

Also, did I said that the girls in this anime look so cute? They do, you will notice soon enough.