This is Haikyuu’s third season and I can’t help but feel amazed of how this is getting better and better.

When I knew that there was a new season of Haikyuu I got very excited, but then when I read that this season was going to be only about the match between Karasuno’s and Shiratorizawa’s Academies my hopes went a little down.

A complete season just about one match? How are they going to expand that match into ten chapters? Surely there is going to be some boring parts when nothing happens. I couldn’t be so wrong!


This season was amazing, it was so intense! Probably the Haikyuu’s season that I liked the most. It was filled with a lot of action, crucial and breathtaking moments.

Every chapter is filled with a lot of content. They didn’t reduce to show us the match only from Karasuno’s point of view. We got to know the background story of the characters in Shiratorizawa’s side. They have some interesting abilities and reasons to play volleyball.

Also we can see the point of view from the spectators that gave us different approaches and explanations of what was happening in the match. All this enriches the experience and make us enjoy this match to the most.

This season is the culmination of all the training that everyone had. We can see how the team has grown since Hinata and Kageyama joined. Everyone gave their 100% in this match. Not only they used everything that they learned but they had to adapt to every new circumstance that presented to them to overcome it.

In regard of the animation and art section, it was very well done. It doesn’t have those ultra realistic scenes or great landscapes but the artwork is great and the colors are just perfect in everything. I didn’t notice any flaw in the scenes or drop in the quality.

One thing to notice is that I am not a sports guy. I don’t watch matches on tv or like to play them casually. But this is the thing with japanese people. I love how they can take something and get passionate about it and make it look like it is the most incredible thing in the world. And Haikyuu is a perfect example of that.

I really enjoyed it a lot and hope you guys like it too. Until next time.