Random and confusing, never knowing what will happen next and why things happen. This is a real adventure.


This is not an anime for everyone. It is not bad but it’s different. Some will drop it at the beginning, others will love it for its uniqueness. Others like me won’t like it at the start or at the middle… but will give it an opportunity and wait until it make sense and I’m glad I did.

There are two main characters in this anime. Cocona who is an ordinary and reserved girl who gets dragged into this madness and Papika who is a cheerful, mysterious and brave girl who says and does whatever that comes to her mind.


I’m not fan of stories where things just happen and there is no motivation in the actions of the characters. That’s why I didn’t like Flip Flappers at the start. Going into a new adventure every chapter, random things happening and doing everything just because it was “fun” even though it didn’t seem like they where having any fun at all, well maybe Papika did some times.

As I continued watching the chapters nothing seemed to make sense and I thought that this was going to be like that even at the end. There are some chapters where you don’t know what happened to the protagonist, why are they in some place and what happened before. Obviously there where some time skips in this series.


It is not until the last 4 chapters that everything makes sense and I started to like the anime.

Some events, that I am not going to talk in this post, happen and the series changes completely. It’s like all the other chapters were made so this last 4 chapters make some impact. And they did, but some will say it was not worth it.

Like I said before it is not an anime for everyone, if you don’t want to see some random chapters where the protagonists go in some meaningless adventures you probably won’t like it. But also this kind of flow can be for you or maybe you enjoy Cocona’s and Papika’s adventures and don’t need an explanation to start to get a like of it.

Ultimately I will depend on your tastes if you like it or not but at least now you know what you can expect for this anime. Hope that you enjoy it more than I did because when I look back to the chapters that I watched before now I can see that they could be more enjoyable than when I first watched them.