I wasn’t sure what to expect for this Special. With different characters, story and studio surely this wasn’t gonna be the same as the previous releases of the Fate franchise.

So I didn’t get my hopes up and just watched it.

The story is not that complicated at first. We have the Chaldea Security Organization that watches for the humankind future. When its future gets threatened this organization makes a movement by recruiting some personal to time travel back to 2004. Using some so called Rayshift technology that they developed, which sounds a little convenient to me.

The first thing to notice is that the quality in not that great as in Unlimited Blade Works. Nevertheless it was pretty good a and that stayed consistent for all the Special without flaws, specially the effects in the magic attacks.


The characters seemed too plain to me, maybe because of the lack of time but I didn’t get to connect with them. It appeared that they were doing things just because they had to and when they had to take some important decision it just didn’t feel natural. Also there are some characters from previous series that you can see again.

By the end of the Special we got to know that this is just like a prologue and there will come more adventures for our protagonists. Good to know because by the moment there are a lot of things that are needed to be explained. With a little luck there will be a series on TV to continue this story.

Overall this was good to watch, not great for me. It’s good to entertain you but it won’t give you any intense moments or at least it didn’t to me. Until next time.