Well this is something new, an anime about Ice Skating!

Or so I thought until I did some 5 minutes research on google and found out that there are some others animes about Ice Skating like Ginban Kaleidoscope and Pretty Rhythm.

So why did it got so viral? Maybe because of it had a great studio to make it? Or maybe because it had a spectacular marketing team? Or maybe because of Victor… who knows?


There really are a lot of reasons to like this anime. The art is well done, the story is simple but great, the song of the opening is wonderful(I liked it very much) and each of the characters have a great personality.

First comes the story. Like I said it is simple, our main character(Yuri), who is the most promising ice skater in japan, had some really bad performance in his last tournament and comes back to its parents’ home to feel bad about himself and think about his future. Then Victor, the actual world ice skater champion, because he saw some video in which Yuri is performing one of his routines, travels to japan and offers to be Yuri’s couch. Yuri accepts his proposal and starts to train with Victor’s help, and the journey stats.

After that we can see how much effort Yuri puts into fulfilling Victor’s expectations and accomplish his routines in the best possible way. One thing that I learn in this anime is that if you want to be a skater you need to stay really focus every moment when you are doing a routine, one tiny little moment of divagation and all your efforts can go to the trash.

But it is not all seriousness in this series, on the contrary, we have a lot of funny moments in Yuri on Ice. I had many laughs watching it. It is so funny watching the silliness of Yuri and Victor. And this take us to other great thing about this series, the characters.


The characters in Yuri on Ice are great, each one has a great and unique personality, good thing because apparently you need to express a great personality in ice skating performances. And these great personalities of the characters are a very important thing in this anime, without it, it wouldn’t be as appealing as it is. The characters make us feel a variety of emotions letting us know what they are thinking every moment and that makes the experience even better. We can feel the confidence, the fear, the joy, the sadness, the determination and even more of the characters feelings. They did a great job with them.

Did I mention how great is the opening’s song? Well it is, “History maker” is a great song with even more great lyrics.


In respect to the art, it was well done, not the best of the best but I think they did that job really good. Some say that they the animation was not good enough, I really didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary but there are indeed drop in the quality when they are skating, could it had been because of the budget or the times? Also they could have made the scenes from different angles to make it more varied. One thing I did noticed is that there are some reused scenes in the routines and it made it a little repetitive.

To summary it, it was a great anime. It had its great moments and little downsides. I liked it very much because of its characters and the passion and effort the put in their routines. If you are not close minded and give it a try you will probably like it. Until next time.