Have you ever wonder how is it gonna be when you get out of school and start to work?


Getting your first job is a big adventure. For most people it is a moment that will eventually come to their lives if it didn’t already, and it’s filled with lots of new things to learn and do and a new environment to get used to.

So, New Game! is a Slice of Life anime, therefore it’s not much about a main story if not about things that happen, in work for this. Never the less there is a main story of what this series is about.

It is about  Aoba Suzukaze, a girl who recently graduated from High School and decides to work as a Graphic Designer. So she gets accepted in her dreamed company, Eagle Jump, and starts to work.

Being an employee in a company myself I couldn’t count how many times I felt empathy watching New Game! Really, I was making a list to write about them in this post but they were too many to talk about them all. If you’ve worked in a company you’ll probably feel the same as I did.


It covered almost everything that I can remember about my first days working: You have to learn everything, everyone helps you, getting sick, dealing with not getting fat, getting late to work and even the food being stolen.

Also there are other things that you learn like it is easier to find people with the same interest in your workplace and that we some times forget that we are all people and we all have hobbies and things that we like.


In regard of the art I can say that it’s pretty and very colorful. All characters seems to be small and cute. You will notice some soft fan service here and there but it’s almost nothing and maybe you will not notice it, considering that every character in this series is woman I think that they did it to attract the male audience.

One thing to notice is that you should always wait until the end of the credits, there will always be something to watch. So make sure you don’t lose it.

Overall I liked it, it don’t have many impacting moments but instead it is calm and funny. It’s refreshing to watch if you are in a bad mood. Also if you have not started to work it can give you an idea of how things will be once you start. So I hope you like it, until next time.