Prepare to be scared!

Finally, I can play a great Resident Evil game. Last time that I played one of this it was Resident Evil 6 and it wasn’t very memorable, but this game is a step in the right direction.

Compared to the previous game, Resident Evil 7 is more about making you scared. Every time I was playing this game I had this feeling that in anytime something would appear and attack me.

The setting is like this, you are a guy Ethan that some years before lost contact with his wife Mia, now you receive a video message from her telling you that she is in trouble and needs your help. So, Ethan goes straight to the place where she is to help her only to find out that he has to enter to some abandoned residence and there is where everything starts.

2017-02-15 - ResidentEvil2.jpg

At first it appears that the game will be completely different to the rest because you don’t have weapons and that makes you feel completely defenceless and that is great for this game, but it only happens for the first half-hour. But then you start to get some weapons and ammunition, but the thing is… that you have to make it count. Every bullet and every potion have to be treated as if it was the last because you have so little space in you bag and it only take a few mistakes to run out of ammo and to be confronting a much stronger enemy than you with only a small knife.

I noticed that in this game the creators wanted to make you feel in the skin of Ethan, that’s why now it is a first person game, also that is why they give you so much background story so that you feel more attached to that world. Now they focused more in making an eloquent story and that is something that makes this game so great. Well, not in every aspect, there are some strange things that never convinced me like in sometimes in combat you loose your leg and you can put it back simply but using some strange medicine.


The graphics are great. Obviously how great it looks depends on the capacity of the system that you are using, but I played it on PC and it looked amazing. They paid a lot of attention on details in the objects, the house and the people.

Like I said before you have to manage your resources because you can run out of them easily. But that is for the first half of the game. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I always end up finishing games with lots of items that I never used because I thought I would need them later and I end up making the game more difficult for not using them, and it happened to me here again.


The length of the game was a little short for my tastes. I beat it for the first time in 11:30 hours in normal difficulty even though I took my time to explore and read everything that I found.

So in general the game was amazing, I never thought that I would play such a great Resident Evil game again. The difficulty was right, it gave be some hours with lots of fun and adrenaline. It was to me like spicy food, it was hot but it was so good that I kept eating. If you are okay having some scary moments while playing it is a great option to play. Until next time.