Every woman wants to be with him and every man wants to be him.

Oh man, what a good laugh a got with this anime.

He is Sakamoto, the a first year highschool student and he is so cool in everything he does. Basically he is perfect. He is tall, handsome and super intelligent. Even in the weirdest and difficult situations he finds a way to get out of it in the smoothest and fanciest way you could possible imagine.


So this anime is all about him or more accurately about the people around him, people who want to know him, got in a problem and need his help or got a problem with him. Because it is not about how great abilities he has, it is about the great things he does with his abilities.

It is like if he can’t just be ignored. He has a big presence. He is always doing something that gets people attention.


We get a lot of funny and strange situations in which he gets because of the weird people who are around him and it is so funny how he manage to solve every problem in a way that nobody could have expected. Like if his mind is out of this world.

And that is what is so funny about this anime. I recommend you to watch the first chapter and if you like it you will probably like the rest of the anime, if you didn’t don’t bother watching the rest because it will be very similar.


The only thing that I didn’t like was the last two chapters. Because it felt like the anime lost its appealing. It stopped being so funny and even thought I liked the end, those chapters felt a little down compared to the rest.

Overall it was a good anime. It was not something very memorable but it was good to watch and I got fun watching it. It fulfilled it purpose. Until next time.