Akira is an old movie, it was released on 1988. In spite of its old age one can notice the effort that was dedicated to it. There are a lot of scenes in which you get astonished by the dedication that must have been put to make them.

Akira is one of those movies that has a weird and original plot, that should had been one of the reasons why it had so much audience.


The story goes like this: We get an introduction that the World War III started in 1988 because of an explosion in japan. Now, it is 2019, the World War III ended and now we are in Neo-Tokio city. There we see school bikers gangs that are fighting between each other and in that fight one of the kids crashes against a weird blue old guy that is being pursued by a weird organization and both the blue guy and the kid are abducted by this organization.


The thing about this movie is that slowly it stats getting weirder and weirder. We have strange blue guys with psychic powers, a shady organization, some unknown entity called Akira that nobody really knows but all the movie we are being told that it is super important, super advanced weapons and finally some school kids with bikes that who knows how they got them because we never see their parents and what kind of parents could have bought a super advanced custom motorcycle for their kids.

This movie gets really gory at some points, there are some scenes where the blood splashes everywhere. One thing I noticed about this movie is that they didn’t exaggerated with the amount of blood a person has, because I’ve seen some anime series where a character is killed and stats to rain blood.


There is little character development for my taste, but it is understandable because it’s a movie and they had to focus and they had to focus on the story. But because of this I didn’t like the characters much. Almost all of them seemed empty to me.

The end of the movie was very open to me. I got this feeling at the end like “what happened here?” The story was closed but I would like to know what happened to the characters, what will they do? especially this Akira guy. But the author wanted to give it to our imagination.